My Girls born at 27wks 5days Gestation!

This is what braught me to the Twins/Multiples Club!  I was 33 yrs old and already a mother of two teenagers.  I just got married in November of 2005.  Married  for 6 weeks when we found out we were pregnant.  A couple of weeks later we had our ultra sound and there they were * Twins* !  Excited and surprised I started to look for a support group that I could gather information on what was about to take over my life.  I never did find a support group.  So going through a rough pregnancy I confided in my husband and we read as much as we could about the situations we were going through.  I went through pregnancy-hypertention and preeclamsia.  Early labor at 20 weeks, was stopped and everything started to get back to a normal pregnancy.  Then contractions started and here the were 3 months early.  No matter what you read or what information you get, it could never prepare you for this.  The girls were born at RVMC and spent the next 3 months in the NICU. That is when the nurses in there told me about the club.  It became a great support for me with everything I was going through.  During the 2006 year it was passed on to others to coordinate.  In July of 2007  the coordinateing was passed on to me.  I have been doing it ever sense.  I love it! It has grown to twice it's original size in this last year.  This club has been a great resource and support system for me and my family!  Great friends for myself as well as my little girls, whom turned 3 in June 2009.   Thank you Rogue Valley Twins & Multiples Club Families!